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Simple Faith
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Simple Faith

Moving Beyond Religion as You Know It to Grow in Your Relationship with God
ISBN 978-0-8294-3623-5
5 x 7 Paperback
80 Pages
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For many people, faith is based on creeds, doctrine, and head knowledge. It's about mastering the "facts" and making sure you give the "right" answer when any spiritual question is asked. But best-selling author Margaret Silf believes that faith is not about mastery but about mystery, and that living in that mystery allows us to focus much less on religion and much more on relationship--a relationship with the Divine.

In Simple Faith, Silf encourages us to rethink many of the teachings on faith that end up holding us back from experiencing the joy and freedom that a simple faith offers. In short but compelling chapters, Silf provides answers to many important questions of faith: Does life really have meaning? Is it true that God is love? Why do bad things happen to good people? Who is Jesus, and why did he have to die? Is faith really about saving our souls or about spending our lives doing good for others?

Silf's overall message is very clear--faith is not knowing about God, but coming to know God, and that knowing this God requires us to accept the mystery that is God. For all who struggle with conventional religion, Simple Faith is a simple way to help draw closer to the Divine and find life-changing meaning in a new kind of faith.

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